引用本文:吴 楠.P2P网贷违约人是否具有区域性特征——来自湖南省的例证[J].经济数学,2019,(1):9-18
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吴 楠 (中共湖南省委直属机关党校 经济学教研室,湖南 长沙 410011) 
中文关键词:P2P网络借贷平台  地域特点  违约人特征
Whether the Network Loan Defaulters Have Regional Characteristics——An Evidence from Hunan Province
Abstract:This paper obtains the information of the borrowers on the "renrendai"net loan platform with the help of the web crawler technology, and extracts two samples: the random samples of the whole country and the random samples of Hunan province. A binary Logit regression model is built to analyze the variables which have significant influence on the default rate. The study shows that the debt-to-income ratio, the maturity of the loan, the educational background, the property, the mortgage and the description index have a negative impact on the default behavior, while the interest rate of the loan, owning cars and the number of certification have a positive impact on the default behavior of the borrowers.At the same time, through the comparison of the final regression model of two samples, it is found that the characteristics of the defaulters in Hunan province is basically consistent with the random samples of the whole country, but especially, the ownership of real estate and car can not help to improve the performance of network borrowers in Hunan.
keywords:P2P net loan platform  regional characteristics  characteristics of defaulter
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