引用本文:曹 鹏,高 成 ,刘 启,付宇婷.VCSEL激光器仿真模型在家庭固定网络的应用[J].经济数学,2018,(2):98-104
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曹 鹏,高 成 ,刘 启,付宇婷 (湖南师范大学 数学与统计学院,湖南 长沙 410081) 
中文关键词:VCSEL仿真模型  高斯-牛顿迭代法  最小二乘法  参数估计  带宽曲线
Application of VCSEL Laser Simulation Model in Home Fixed Network
Abstract:Aiming at the problem of ambient temperature in laser operation and device bandwidth, the model of optical power and current (L-I) of corresponding lasers and the characteristic curve model of voltage and current (U-I) in operation are proposed, the least square method and Gauss Newton method are used, the model is preliminarily solved and improved, and the temperature of the optimal laser working environment is finally obtained. Proposing a VCSEL model based on bandwidth (Small Signal Response Model), and considering the influence of laser temperature and bias current on device bandwidth, a nonlinear optimization method is used to calculate the bandwidth model and the conclusions can be drawn.
keywords:simulation model VCSEL  Gauss-Newton iterative method  least square method  parameter estimation  Bandwidth curve
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