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文开庭,李和睿 (毕节学院建筑工程学院贵州 毕节551700) 
中文摘要:利用KKM技巧, 建立了FC-度量空间中转移紧开值映射的Ky Fan匹配定理. 作为应用,获得了FC-度量空间中的Ky Fan重合定理、定性对策和抽象经济的平衡存在定理. 结论统一、改进和推广了一些近期文献的已知结果.
中文关键词:FC-度量空间  匹配  重合;抽象经济  平衡.
A Matching Theorem in FC-Metric Spaces with the Application to Abstract Economies
Abstract:With the help of the KKM technique, a Ky Fan matching theorem for transfer compactly open valued mappings is established in FC-metric spaces. As applications, a Ky Fan coincidence theorem is obtained and the equilibrium existence theorems for qualitative games and abstract economies are obtained in FC-metric spaces. The results unify, improve and generalize some known results in recent references.
keywords:FC-metric space  matching  coincidence  abstract economy  equilibrium
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